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 【Dean’s Office】

The Dean’s Office is responsible for overseeing all businesses of the Research and Development Office (RDO), specifically:
1. coordinating and overseeing various administrative and general affairs of the RDO;
2. information aggregation and filing for various tasks, meetings, events, and mid-to-long term development plans involving the RDO;
3. assisting in hosting guests of the RDO, providing supports to events held by all sections, and attending task coordination meetings;
4. maintaining all equipment located at the Dean’s Office and the website both in English and Mandarin Chinese and arranging for the RDO’s meetings;
5. managing all official documents received and issued by the RDO, controlling the capital and current expenditure and allocating the funding, and delegating tasks for part-time employees; and
6. handling all other research and development matters of NKUHT.
【University-Industry Collaboration Section】

The University-Industry Collaboration Section is responsible for:
1. planning and promoting regulations and affairs in relation to academic research and development and exchanges;
2. applying for various grant programs with the Ministry of Education, public sector and the Ministry of Science and Technology;
3. information filing in relation to the relevant academic research by the government agencies and all units;
4. preparing memorandums and making public announcement regarding academic research programs and external letters and documents;
5. handling matters in relation to academic services both inside and outside of NKUHT;
6. amending university-industry collaboration regulations, handling and maintaining official documents and web pages in relation to university-industry collaboration, and participating in government and industry research and development conferences;
7. consolidating applications for industrial park programs with the Ministry of Education, and maintaining and filing information on the Industry-Academia Cooperation Information Network;
8. applying for university-industry collaboration with both public and private sectors, biddings, and drafting agreements in relation to university, government and industry alliances and cooperation;
9. filing university-industry cooperation related information and industry KPIs with the government agencies and relevant units;
10. consolidating all university-industry cooperation research programs and displaying relevant results and achievements; and
11. handling all other matters in relation to NKUHT’s academic or university-industry cooperation services.

                                            【Internship Section】

The Internship Section is responsible for:
1. serving as the point of contact for the internship organizations (including notification and handling of abnormal situations), coordinating and arranging for joint on-site visits;
2. arranging for Internship Commission’s meetings, on-campus job fairs, and relevant series events and forums and writing off relevant funding;
3. filing information on the Base Database of Higher Technological and Vocational Education;
4. producing and signing agreements with internship organizations;
5. establishing and maintaining the internship assigning system and setting up an assistant editor for the internship newsletter; and
6. handling all other matters in relation to NKUHT’s internship counseling services.

                                【Career Placement and Alumni Section】

The Career Placement and Alumni Section is responsible for:
1. arranging for student career development events;
2. providing career placement counseling services;
3. tracking alumni’s career status;
4. establishing an alumni supporting system;
5. conducting surveys and analyses on students’ employment competitiveness; and
6. handling all other matters in relation to NKUHT’s career placement counseling services.

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