Dean Office
Job titleNameResponsibilitiesPhoneEmail
Professor and Dean of Research & Development 806-0505 # 1600Email
Administrative Assistant 806-0505#1601
University-Industry Collaboration Section
Job titleNameResponsibilitiesPhoneEmail
Section ChiefHsiao-Lin Chang1. In charge of revising relevant regulations for industrial-academic cooperation affairs and administrative tasks with respect to industrial-academic cooperation projects.
2. To handle attribution of Intellectual Property Rights and Distribution of Royalties from Industry-Academia Collaboration Projects.
3. To administer matters related to projects of Ministry of Science and Technology.
4. Attending official meetings, conferences or events connected with implementing exchange programs of industrial-academic cooperation.
5.Other administrative tasks with respect to industrial-academic cooperation affairs.
806-0505 # 1650Email
Administrative AssistantShih-Yuan Huang1.Providing needed administrative assistance with industrial-academic projects , including announcement, application and request for payment etc..
2.Assisting in Filing for Patent Applications and Technology Transfer and Licensing.
3.Updating and maintaining the website of industrial-academic cooperation affairs.
4.Preparing exhibitions of industrial-academic cooperation achievements .
5.Dealing with Official Documents and Assigned Matters.
806-0505 # 1651Email
Administrative Assistant 806-0505 # 1652Email
Internship Section
Job titleNameResponsibilitiesPhoneEmail
Assistant Professor and Section Chief 806-0505#1610Email
Senior ClerkChien-Ju Yu1.Planning and Arranging Overseas Joint Visit
2.Handling overseas Internship Torch Relay, Orientation, Review and interview
3.Maintaining established and potential overseas partners
4.Assisting Students with Overseas Internship Permit Applying and Overseas Internship Preparation
5.In Charge of Pilot Overseas Internship Project
6.Dealing with Official Documents and Assigned Matters
806-0505 # 1611Email
Administrative AssistantChun-Li Chen1. Open window to receive internships for practice unit (including abnormality status reports and handling of Internship).
2. Call practice instruction committee member meeting.
3. Handle talent recruitment activities on-campus and practice distribution.
4. Sign contract and make contract with practice unit.
5. Maintain and build practice distribution system.
806-0505 # 1612Email
Administrative AssistantHsiu-Chen Lee 1. Organizing company orientation, internship orientation and intern consulting events / forums.
2. Providing required data base information.
3.Distribute and collect Internship Evaluation forms.
4. Assisting Off-campus interns at restaurants.
5. Arranging joint visits.
806-0505 # 1613Email
Career Placement Section
Job titleNameResponsibilitiesPhoneEmail
Associate Professor and Section ChiefMelissa Tsai1.Organize career development activities.
2.Provide employment counseling.
3.Track the flow of graduates and their career progression.
4.Strengthen alumni system.
5.Analyze the ability of students’ employment.
806-0505 # 1630,5366Email
Administrative AssistantMin-Chi Lee1.Organize skill testing and certification matters.
2.Survey of new graduates employment.
3.Update and maintain Career Placement and Alumni Section’s website.
4Execute projects.
5.Report government database system.
6.Maintain NKUHT alumni database.
806-0505 # 1632Email
Administrative Assistant 806-0505 # 1631Email
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