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It is the goal of the Research and Development Office (RDO) to achieve practical, innovative and off-the-shelf teaching objectives, cultivate talents for the hospitality industry, promote NKUHT as the key partner in the hospitality industry development, and improve NKUHT’s prominence in the academic research, both domestically and internationally.  The RDO has integrated NKUHT’s resources such as university-industry collaboration, academic research, and internship and career placement to create additional value to the hospitality industry, improve students’ employment competitiveness and strengthen the brand value of NKUHT’s university-industry collaboration.
The RDO offers the following functions:
(1)University-Industry Collaboration Section
 .Establish an academic development system
 .Obtain research resources from the public sector
 .Promote intercollegiate academic exchanges
 .Improve academic research and development capabilities
 .Establish a university-industry collaboration system
 .Obtain university-industry collaboration resources
 .Enhance faculty’s university-industry collaboration abilities
 .Improve the development of the hospitality industry
(2)Internship Section
 .Establish an off-campus internship system
 .Provide comprehensive internship counseling services
 .Enhance the efficacy of the internship experience
 .Achieve the objectives of the elite internship programs
(3)Career Placement and Alumni Section
 .Establish a career placement system
 .Obtain career placement resources
 .Offer alumni services and networking opportunities
 .Enhance the employment competitiveness of our alumni