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About RDO



Dean’s Office
The Dean’s Office is responsible for overseeing all businesses of the Research and Development Office (RDO) 
University-Industry Collaboration Section
The University-Industry Collaboration Section is responsible for:
1. Planning and promoting regulations and affairs in relation to academic research and development and exchanges.
2. Applying for various grant programs with the Ministry of Education, public sector and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
3. Information filing in relation to the relevant academic research by the government agencies and all units.
4. Preparing memorandums and making public announcement regarding academic research programs and external letters and documents.
5. Handling matters in relation to academic services both inside and outside of NKUHT.
6. Amending university-industry collaboration regulations, handling and maintaining official documents and web pages in relation to university-industry collaboration, and participating in government and industry research and development conferences. 
7. Applying for university-industry collaboration with both public and private sectors, biddings, and drafting agreements in relation to university, government and industry alliances and cooperation.
9. Filing university-industry cooperation related information and industry KPIs with the government agencies and relevant units. 
10. Consolidating all university-industry cooperation research programs and displaying relevant results and achievements.
11. Handling all other matters in relation to NKUHT’s academic or university-industry cooperation services.
Internship Section
The Internship Section is responsible for:
1. Serving as the point of contact for the internship organizations (including notification and handling of abnormal situations), coordinating and arranging for joint on-site visits.
2. Arranging for Internship Commission’s meetings, on-campus job fairs, and relevant series events and forums and writing off relevant funding.
3. Filing information on the Base Database of Higher Technological and Vocational Education.
4. Producing and signing agreements with internship organizations.
5. Handling all other matters in relation to NKUHT’s internship counseling services.
Career Placement and Alumni Section
The Career Placement and Alumni Section is responsible for:
1. Arranging for student career development events.
2. Providing career placement counseling services.
3. Tracking alumni’s career status.
4. Establishing an alumni supporting system.
5. Conducting surveys and analyses on students’ employment competitiveness; and
6. Handling all other matters in relation to NKUHT’s career placement counseling services.